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If you are relocating to a place that is quite far from your current home, then you should hire the services of a long distance mover.  They can easily transport all your belongings from your current home to your new location anywhere across the country.  While transporting your belongings to your new location is their main services, moving companies also offer other useful services to their customers.  These movers can also pack and unpack your things, load and unload them, and if there are things that you don't need to bring to your new location, there are moving companies that also store these things for you. Check Edmonton office moving for more info.

You have a choice of what service you would want to use from the services that they offer.  What you can do can be combined with what they can do to have a perfect move.  Perhaps you are someone who don't want strangers to touch your belongings, then you can do the packing and unpacking yourself and let the mover simply load, transport, and unload your things.  So when all your things are packed, you can then call your moving company to get all your things and transport them to your new location.  Once the vehicle arrives with a loading ramp, the movers will carry your things in the vehicle and drive them to your destination.

If the moving company like long distance movers Edmonton picks up your belongings from your home and delivers it to your new home, then they call it a door to door service.  Sometimes your current location is a crowded place with nowhere to park a loading vehicle so you can simply drive your belongings to the moving company locations and get it loaded there and when it reaches the destination you can simply receive it also in their company location.  This is called city to city or port to port service.

Moving companies charge according to the volume of goods they pack and load.  If you use all the services offered by the moving company, then you are hiring full service moving.  If there are volumes of goods to be transferred, some moving companies offer package deals to their customers for full service moving.

It can happen that the house you are relocating to is much smaller than your current one.  Your new house may not be able to accommodate all your things.  Maybe you still want to keep the things that cannot fit in your new home.  There are moving companies that offer storage facilities in different cities while other moving companies have portable storage containers where you can store your goods as long as you want.  These containers for storage are weather proof.

Many movers can also provide customers with useful information of the new place to which they are moving like living standards, climate, culture, etc.

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